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Staging Myths vs. Facts

Staging Myths vs. Facts

MYTH: Staging is Decorating…
FACT: Staging is NOT decorating or design! Decorating or Design is personalizing; Staging is De-Personalizing and preparing a house for the unknown Buyer. That’s why it’s KEY to hire someone specifically trained on how to prepare a house for sale. When Staging becomes about the things in your house and NOT your house, you are working with a decorator and not a trained Stager.

MYTH: Staging Costs Too Much…
FACT: Staging is an INVESTMENT in getting a house sold and the investment in Staging is ALWAYS less than a price reduction. An ASPĀ® Stager has been trained to work with a Sellers’ budget and time frame to properly Stage a house and get results.

MYTH: All I need are Lights, Flowers & Music…
FACT: Those things are nice when showing a house but they are NOT Staging. Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a house’s strengths and challenge areas with solutions to help Buyers fall in love with what they see. This requires more than just flowers and music – it requires an Action Plan!

MYTH: I Can Just Watch One of Those Shows…
FACT: The shows on HGTV and similar channels give Sellers the idea they they need to do something to their house to prepare it for sale, but Sellers cannot truly be objective in a house they have been living in and need a 3rd party independent opinion to get it properly Staged.

Staging Myths vs. Facts
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