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Brandi Cernohlavek Visser ASP®, ASPM®, ASP®-REO, ASP®-SRS, ASP®-BTS, IAHSP® Premier, CASPT®, Owner:

“For over 20 years, I’ve specialized in merchandising and marketing products for sale. When the housing market was in full swing, in 2004, I even marketed and sold my own house in less than 15 minutes of putting a sign in the yard. This was my first taste of selling a home and seeing the power of merchandising and marketing when it came to homes. I realized then, selling a house is no different than selling any other product, it must be merchandised and marketed for sale.

In 2006, upon moving to Bozeman, I started working for a high-end interior design firm specializing in multi-million dollar homes located in Big Sky, Montana. Working without budgets spoiled me and my love for Interior Design grew. I had the privilege of working on projects in Mexico, France, Boise, ID, and Bellevue, WA as well as all over Montana.

In 2008, I put my own home on the market. For 9 months, there were few showings and the feedback on my design choices was great but produced no real offers. Discouraged, frustrated, and beginning to feel hopeless, I asked the Realtor to show us the competition to see what needed to be done to gain an edge in the market. The listing price on our home had already been reduced by over $30,000; I didn’t know what else to do. One block away, a house listed at the same price had granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless appliances, travertine master bath, and maple cabinets…all things my home did NOT have. It would take about $50K to update just to get up to par.

After a heartfelt discussion with the Realtor, she suggested Staging. This was a light bulb moment! Interior Design firms were suffering and I had been looking for an alternative knowing our firm would close (which it later did). Staging was the perfect solution! Doing research online looking for classes, schools, whatever I could find, I found certificates you could “send in $900 and get your staging certification”. Then I came across which was created by the woman who invented Home Staging in 1972, Barb Schwarz. offered formal training ending with your certification, accreditation, and designation from the ONLY nationally recognized Staging University. Barb was teaching courses in Seattle so I immediately signed up for the course, bought my plane ticket, and off I went. Who better to learn from than the source of it all!

After completing the course, I came home to my first project…my home. As a skeptic, I wanted to see if Staging really worked. Applying all the things learned, using a little elbow grease, spending only two weeks and a couple hundred dollars, the house was staged. Within 45 days there was 3 offers and the house SOLD for more money than the competition. Keep in mind this was early 2009 when the housing market was suffering.

Inspired to help others in similar situations, I immediately started my own business. I knew of a proven way to help those who needed to sell their homes, without losing more money, possibly facing foreclosure, and needed to move on with their lives. I truly love and am passionate about what I do and it shows in my work. From the smallest jobs to the largest, I’m invested in helping and here for my clients every step of the way. Working with me, as your Accredited Staging Professional, and as a team with you and your Realtor, is a WINNING combination.

Since the beginning, I’ve had the pleasure of staging over 100 homes in 4 states and helping clients escape foreclosure, forced into short sales, or having to take another price reduction. It’s been an amazingly rewarding experience and I can help you too. My business has expanded into also helping those who are not selling their homes. For clients who don’t plan on moving but would like to improve the feel of their home, we offer color consultations, furniture layout plans, and purchasing wholesale furniture, we offer Staging to Live. Small business clients who don’t feel like their office reflects their business or how they want to project themselves to their clients, we offer Staging to Work. Clients who want to look their best and give the right impression at events, we offer Event Staging.

If your house is on the market or you’re just thinking about it…call a stager first. Get a bid, get ideas, ask for help, and leave it to the professionals. Staging is AFFORDABLE. “Investing in Home Staging will always be less than your first price reduction” ~ Barb Schwarz. If I had known then, what I know now, I could’ve made thousands more on my house. By calling an Accredited Staging Professional, your house will sell faster and for more money…this means money in your pocket.”